Exciting Intergalactic Announcement!

A riff in the hip hop space-time continuum is coming your way

Opening Night December 10

streaming Video On Demand through Dec 27!

Beamed directly from the planet Centra, the new intergalactic musical, HIP HOP CINDERELLA: A New Musical will be STREAMED TO EARTH THIS DECEMBER 10th through 27th. Watch for a rapping robot who can open quantum portals,  an interplanetary rap competition, family squabbles, and a hyper-partying Prince.  Our space-age Cinderella certainly has her work cut out for her! 


Propelled with music and lyrics by Rona Siddiqui, book by Scott Elmegreen, and based on a treatment by Linda Chichester and David Coffman, be sure to tune in for our live-streamed special OPENING NIGHT DECEMBER 10 at 7:00pm with video on demand streaming until December 27! 


HIP HOP CINDERELLA: A New Musical is an out-of-this-world musical adventure produced by Amas Musical Theatre and performed by alumni students of the Rosetta LeNoire Musical Theatre Academy.


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is an intersectional grassroots campaign comprised of Arts & Culture workers, Unions, and institutions in the United States pushing the Senate to allocate proportionate relief to the Arts & Culture sector of the American economy.   #ArtsHero is 100% volunteer run.

The Eric H. Weinberger Emerging Librettists Scholarship Award

Help endow the 2021 Scholarship Award at Amas for Emerging Librettists, in commemoration of the life and work of Wanda's World playwright Eric H. Weinberger (1950-2017). This Award is made possible by a generous initial gift from Steve Sagman.

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