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An anthem to tolerance from the VICTORY TRAIN family



The new musical VICTORY TRAIN, is set in 1968, a year that was the crucible for so many of the freedom movements that have since grown and flourished, the most successful changes came through love, peaceful protest, and passive resistance. 

Increasingly angered and distressed by the perpetuation of hate and violence in the world, David Buskin and Jake Holmes were urged by producer, R. Erin Craig to take a song from VICTORY TRAIN that would allow them to use their artistry to share their feelings. With the help of their friends and loved ones, they created the music video of their anthem, “Love Don’t Answer To No One” to remind us all that together we can work to erase the hate. David and Jake hope it will lift the spirits of all who revere the American ideal.     

The Eric H. Weinberger Emerging Librettists Scholarship Award

Help endow the 2021 Scholarship Award at Amas for Emerging Librettists, in commemoration of the life and work of Wanda's World playwright Eric H. Weinberger (1950-2017). This Award is made possible by a generous initial gift from Steve Sagman.

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