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“Musical theatre is a profoundly collaborative art form. That makes it uniquely suited to elevating understanding and removing barriers, within and across our culture.”
—Amas Artistic Producer, Donna Trinkoff


Amas Musical Theatre’s Ongoing, Open Call for Collaborators

Are you now or have you ever been …
An artist, poet, songwriter, videographer, composer, librettist, and/or lyricist with a great story to tell … in music, words, song, and dance … using live actors, dancers, singers, and/or puppets … expressly designed to thrill live audiences?
An artist whose work illuminates lives and cultures shaped by human pilgrimage?
An artist whose work explores the nature and process of social marginalization … the creation and maintenance of the “Other”?
An artist who investigates transactions in the currencies of social and cultural equity, be they ethnic, religious, class, or gender-based, or defined by sexual orientation, age, ideology, or nationality?
An artist who seeks, on-stage, at least the same range of colors, accents, and shapes found in our lives and is not afraid of non-traditional means to generate them?
An artist passionate about the potential to create a transformative experience … when storytelling, song, performance, dance, and design combine with ever-evolving new media, and everyone is in the same room, live?
If you answer “Yes” to a majority of the questions above and have a complete, or nearly complete first or early draft, with at least a portion of songs or music recorded, we recognize your complicity and identify you as a fellow traveler.
If you are also at or near the beginning of your focused work as the creator of a new musical, be it as composer or writer, either because you’re still a kid, or you’ve finally realized this is the only thing that makes you feel like a kid again, let us know. We’re looking for grant dollars specifically to expose the work of people who waive their right to privacy in this regard.
If you also happen to profile as an emerging artist of color, there may even be additional funds available for the development of your work.
We are calling upon all would-be accomplices and appealing to you to submit.
• Script in not less than 12 point black ink, on 8 ½” x 11” white paper. 3-hole notebooks and various binding systems are acceptable. We will not accept   email or digital files.   
•  Script preceded by the following:           
- One paragraph description of the project 
- Short plot synopsis (one page, preferable) 
- List and description of principal characters 
- List of musical numbers in show order 
•  Representative musical numbers on CD or via on-line access. Cassette       tapes are not acceptable. Projects without at least some recorded musical   numbers will generally not be considered.   
•  A detailed account of the project’s development and production history, if   any.*   
•  Resumes and production histories of composer, librettist and lyricist.*
•  Stamped, self-addressed return envelope if submission is to be returned.
* required to determine eligibility as emerging artist
Send to:
Submissions Amas Musical Theatre
630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 1400
New York, NY 10036
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