A family-friendly intergalactic romp with a cool, hip hop vibe, laughs, adventure and unforgettable songs.


E-X-T-E-N-D-E-D !


The perfect holiday gift for the whole family!

$20 general admission  •  $15 students/seniors  • $25 viewing family

All proceeds will benefit Amas Musical Theatre’s education programs.

In this reimagining of the classic fairy tale, teenage Cinderella and her rapping robot companion Runka live on planet Zolla. They toil under the thumb of Cinderella’s stepmom, Lady Zurka, and her two social media obsessed stepsisters, Zig and Zag. The galaxy has lost its groove, and the Prince is throwing a Hip Hop Ball and Rap Competition to turn the beat around. Traveling via a quantum time warp, Cinderella transforms into “Ella C” and fights to win the competition. Upon returning to planet Zolla, Ella C is forced into a royal rap battle against Lady Zurka with a surprising result.

“It’s a new world and it’s time for new ways of storytelling,” says David Coffman, Co-Founder of HipHopMusicals.com. “Rap, Hip Hop, TikTok, Pop, Virtual Theater and Musical Theatre are all part of a thriving new language. We are happy to join the conversation!” While Donna Trinkoff, Artistic Director of Amas Musical Theatre, says “it’s very satisfying to see our young people embracing this new form of theatrical performance. And there is a new opportunity to share our work too with a greater audience through this medium.” 

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