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COLETTE AMBO – Benefit Coordinator

Colette Ambo is a performing artist from the Commonwealth of Dominica. She currently runs a small community theatre in the Bronx, The West Indian Arts Project,which focuses on producing Caribbean works such as Alwin Bully’s Folk Nativity (2016), and Never See Come See (2018). Colette also works with popular improve gameshow, Dancify That, as its campus outreach. She is an alumni of the Broadway Theatre Project and has worked for the organization as its social media manager, content creator, and videographer. Her performance credits include: Chicago (BTP), Bring It On (Black Spectrum Theatre), Passing Strange (Lehman College), After The Wall (NY Artists Unlimited), When I Get To Where I’m Going (Penny Prince). She is a graduate of Lehman College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia & Performing Arts.

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