Amas Mission Statement


Amas Musical Theatre is a non-profit, multi-ethnic theatrical organization founded in 1968 by Ms. Rosetta LeNoire. The Amas mission is grounded in non-traditional, multi-ethnic production, education and casting. Amas Musical Theatre is devoted to the creation, development and professional production of new American musicals, the celebration of diversity and minority perspectives, the emergence of new artistic talent, and the training and encouragement of inner-city young people.

For over 45 years, Amas ("you love" in Latin) has engraved its unique trademark on the world of musical theatre. We produce quality musical theatre presenting different cultural viewpoints including African-American, Latino, European, and Jewish, while reaching out to underserved audiences. Amas attracts actors and artists of distinction and reputation, while offering opportunities for new talent to learn and develop.

Amas celebrates its impact in pioneering multi-ethnic casting in the American Theatre and reiterates its commitment to this reflection of our diverse society.

Amas Musical Theatre commits its work to:

• Contributing to the vitality of the American Musical Theatre - a unique American esthetic expression -- through the creation, development and professional production of original musicals.

• Bringing creative, musical theatre to the American education system, and enhancing the experience of students.

• Encouraging tolerance and civility among people of our diverse society by bringing them together through the art of musical theatre.

Audiences are built by bringing both children and other community members into Amas with free performances and free ticket programs. Amas actively combines artists and audience members from every possible racial, ethnic and religious background, bringing them together to work and learn from
each other.

Amas Programs

Amas Musical Theatre programs provide opportunities for writers, composers, and lyricists to create new work. Amas employs experienced directors, musical directors and choreographers to work with fledgling creators, allowing the veteran artists to guide and encourage the rookie creative staff. Musical Theatre programs include the Amas Six O'Clock Musical Theatre Lab, Amas Workshop Program, and Amas Mainstage Productions.

Amas works to create both new performers and new audiences through its educational and outreach programs. Performers are recruited and trained through The Rosetta LeNoire Musical Theatre Academy, and our in-school and after school education programming, as well as through the original works developed and produced in the Amas Lab, Workshop and Mainstage programs.