Amas History :: 1990-1999

Juba: 1990-1991
book and lyrics by Wendy Lamb; music by Russel Walden; choreographed by Mercedes Ellington; directed by Sheldon Epps
* Richard Rodgers Production Award
Mainstage Production

Junkyard: 1991-1992
book by Manuel Mandel and Michael Sahl; lyrics by Mr. Mandel; music by Mr. Sahl; musical co-staging by Barry Finkel; directed by Avi Ber Hoffman
Lab Presentation

Gunmetal Blues: 1991-1992
book by Scott Wentworth; music and lyrics by Craig Bohmler and Marion Adler; directed by Davis Hall
Mainstage Production

The River Flows: 1992-1993
adapted from "Spoon River Anthology" by Edgar Lee Masters; music and lyrics by Holly B. France and Andre Orlando Edwards;
choreographed by Felicia Kennerly; directed by James Moody
RLMTA Production

Legacy: 1993-1994
music and lyrics by Holly B. Frances and Arden Altino
RLMTA Production

Bobos: 1994-1995
lyrics by Ed Shockle; music by James McBride; choreographed by Monica Johnso;, directed by Luther Fontaine
RLMTA Production

Time and the Wind: 1994-1995
lyrics by Norman Matlock; music by Galt McDermot; directed by Louis Johnson
*World Premiere
Mainstage Production in association with Eric Krebs

I Have A Name: 1994-1995
music and lyrics by Holly B. Francis; directed by James L. Moody
RLMTA Production

Bring in the Morning: 1995-1996
lyrics by Herb Schapiro; music by Gary William Friedman; choreographed by Monica Johnson; directed by Christopher Scott
RLMTA Production

Paul Robeson: 1995-1996
a play with music by Phillip Hayes Dean; directed by Harold Scott; Associate Producer - Longacre Theatre
Broadway Production in asocian with Eric Krebs

After Hours: 1995-1996
musical director Diana B.; directed by Nancy Rhodes *World Premiere
Mainstage Production

Good God!: 1996-1997
book, music and lyrics by George O. Brome
RLMTA Production

Song by Song - The Music of Michael Valenti: 1996-1997
music by Michael Valenti; written and directed by Mark Waldrop *World Premiere
Mainstage Production

The Princess and the Black-Eyed Pea: 1996-1997
book and lyrics by Karole Foreman; music by Andy Chuckerman; directed by Daniel Banks; 1996 Richard Rodgers Development Award
Workshop Production

Bobos: 1996-1997
music by James McBride; lyrics by Ed Shockley; choreographed by Monica Johnson; directed by Daniel Banks; 1996 Richard Rodgers development Award for Playwriting
Workshop Production

Out of the Night and Into the Light - Three One-Act Musical/Operas: 1997-1998
Miss Havisham's Wedding Night: music by Dominick Argento; libretto by John Olon-Scrymgeour
Ocean Dream: music by Victor Kioulaphides; libretto by Nancy Rhodes
I Will Wait: music and lyrics by Arif Mardin; directed by Nancy Rhodes
co-presentation with the Encompass New Opera Theatre
Mainstage Production

Barrio Babies: 1997-1998
music by Fernando Rivas; lyrics and book by Luis Santeiro; directed by Susanna Tubert;
1997 Richard Rodgers Development Award
Workshop Production

Virtual Families: 1998-1999
choreographed by Monica Johnson; directed by Christopher Scott
A musical review created by the staff and students of RLMTA
RLMTA Prouction

Rollin' on the T.O.B.A.: 1998-1999
by Ronald Stevens and Jaye Stewart; directed by Ronald Stevens
*New York Premiere + Off-Broadway Commercial Transfer: 47th Street Theatre + Brroadway Commercial Transfer: Henry Miller Theatre
Mainstage Production

Delphi or Bust: 1998-1999
music by Gerald Jay Markoe; book and lyrics by Michael Colby; directed by Christopher Scott
*World Premiere
Mainstage Production

Reunion - A Musical Epic in Miniature: 1998-1999
book by Jack Kyrieleison; traditional music arranged by Michael O'Flaherty; choreographed by Karen Eisenberg; directed by Ron Holgate
*New York Premiere
+ Off-Broadway Commercial Transfer: Theatre Row Theatre
Mainstage Production

Four Guys Named Jose and una Mujer Named Maria!: 1999-2000
by Dolores Prida and David Coffman; choreographed by MarĂ­a Torres; directed by Lisa Portes *World Premiere + Off-Broadway Commercial Transfer: The Blue Angel Theatre
Mainstage Production

Carefully Taught: 1999-2000
choreographed by Monica Johnson; directed by Christopher Scott; a musical revue created by the students of The Rosetta LeNoire Musical Theatre Academy
RLMTA Production

A Virtual Woman: 1999-2000
conceived by Donna Trinkoff; book by Marsha Sheiness; lyrics by Luis Santeiro, June Seigel, and Greer Woodward; music by Rick Cummins; directed by Nancy Rhodes
Workshop Production